Writing a cv for a nurse practitioner

Nurse Practitioner CV Questions 1. How do you make a nurse practitioner CV? If you can understand the workings of the human body, you can understand the intricacies of an effective CV. Your CV should begin with a strong opening summary that presents an engaging yet brief portrayal of who you are as a professional.

Writing a cv for a nurse practitioner

My goal is to identify those qualities in you and bring them to the forefront of a resume that will get you noticed by a hiring manager or pass the Applicant Tracking System ATS. My background in Human Resources is valuable in writing clear, detailed resumes that will make you stand out.

Together, we will create your story in words while highlighting your best abilities. Hire Sandy Read Reviews How to Write a Nurse Practitioner Resume The nurse practitioner resume is a document that outlines the training, skills and experience of a nurse practitioner for employers.

Nurse practitioners receive advanced training and are certified in a specific specialty. You can review nurse practitioner resume examples for the different specialties online. Regardless of whether you are writing a family nurse practitioner resume or one for some other nurse practitioner specialty, the basic structure of the resume will be the same and any nurse practitioner sample resume can be used as a reference for organizing your own.

Top 5 NP Resume Mistakes

A common way to structure the resume for nurse practitioner and the information to be included in each section is shown here: Name and contact information Objective statement: A short statement about the type of position you are looking for. Keywords that target the position you are applying for can be included.

Outline some of your key skills and abilities with a focus on those relevant to the particular position you are applying for. Categorize your skills into up to five different skill sets focusing on those skills in each set that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

Formal qualifications and certifications: Include all of your nursing schooling in the resume. Provide the name of the school, the date graduated and the degree. Certifications such as your Nurse Practitioner certification and you RN license should be included as well as any others you have earned.

List all previous nursing employment beginning with the most recent, and a summary of what your duties were in each job. You should be specific when discussing what area of nursing you worked in.

When writing your resume, systematically address the following issues in the appropriate parts of your resume: Education Be sure to show appropriate licenses, certifications, qualifications and other credentials, preferably in list form.

Work history Use examples from your work history which are clearly relevant to the job requirements. Cite specific systems work, for example, to show your skills and experience. Nurse Practitioner Resume Checklist Take a break after writing your resume and return later to review it and ensure everything is correct and nothing was overlooked.

Is the resume neat and easy to read with a good balance of white space and text? Does the resume fit the page with no cramped appearance?

Does the resume utilize bullets and avoid paragraphs and long sentences? Is important information highlighted using bold, italics or underling?

writing a cv for a nurse practitioner

Is all nursing school information included with correct dates? Are all your licenses and certifications listed with the correct details Is the resume written in the best format to show off your abilities?

Does the resume focus on specific skills and abilities you have that match the job description? Is the resume free of errors and typos? Invest enough time writing and proofreading so that the resume you submit looks professional and makes the right impression.

writing a cv for a nurse practitioner

Salaries vary based on location, experience and a number of other factors. Nurse practitioner employment is projected to grow 34 percent through For nurse practitioner resume help, get in touch with us today!Navigating the confusing and frustrating process of writing a CV doesn t have to stress you out.

Use this nurse practitioner CV example for smooth sailing. Pediatric nurse practitioner clinical preceptorship ABC University Children's Hospital. Under the preceptorship of pediatricians and nurse practitioners, rotated through cardiac, diabetic, general surgery, and hematology/oncology.

Observed and discussed management of . Writing a nurse resume can be a challenge As a nurse, your job prospects are excellent! However, it can be difficult to effectively communicate your nursing experience without either downplaying your accomplishments or overstating your nursing background.

Nurse Practitioner Resume Sample then this needs to be effectively demonstrated in your resume or CV. Step one: seeing a nurse resume sample that can help inform your own. Take a look at our sample below: Set yourself up for success in your nurse practitioner career. Use our resume writing service today!

Samples by Category. Accounting. As on any resume, your first nurse practitioner resume must include a header stating your name followed by your address, phone number and e-mail address. Don't forget that you are now a certified nurse practitioner.

A great nurse practitioner CV is one that gets the point across in as little space as possible. One page is ideal. With a one-page CV, you have everything you need to sell your value as a .

3 Ways to Make a Nurse Practitioner Resume Shine