The question of whether legalization of drugs is a problem or a solution to the war on drugs

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The question of whether legalization of drugs is a problem or a solution to the war on drugs

There is no duty to follow an unjust law, and good citizens in fact exercise the personal liberty every day.

There will remain the issue of safe and legal access. We should note that legalization has been particularly attractive in Las Vegas, so that may be worth exploring. Both candidates for Governor agreed to opening up access to the medical program, so that will be an important part of the conversation.

And whether we stay with the medical model or recognize the reality of responsible adult use, we should be looking at research in the universities, disaggregating the cultivation and distribution verticals, and democratizing the economic opportunity.

Thank you for all of your leadership, Senator Rice.

The question of whether legalization of drugs is a problem or a solution to the war on drugs

How about the obvious and distinct historic parallels to Alcohol Prohibition. How about the trillions of dollars wasted over the decades enforcing marijuana criminalization which have left the product as available as ever on our streets.

The fact of the matter is that anyone, including your constituents, can acquire marijuana at their convenience right now and the current system only leaves us with zero regulatory control over that market. Stephen This does not even touch upon the incredible economic benefit that legalization presents.

Something that our desperately cash strapped state needs. A state that came to its current economic strife under decades of your leadership mind you.

Cannabis enforcement will shift to minors in NJ after legalization and as we know cannabis enforcement disproportionately affects people of color. Is it ok to keep arresting adult people of color in disproportionate numbers because you anticipate those arrest will continue with minors?

Check his campaign donors and look for their ties to profiting from keeping Cannabis illegal. Cannabis legalization is one mitigating response to the injustices of the war on cannabis.

Drug legalization is one mitigating response to the injustices of the war on drugs and systemic racism in the criminal justice system.

Victor Ramos Senator Rice, you have a valid claim that the war on drugs when it begun turned into exactly that, Jim Crow laws but on steroids, in my opinion but your objection based on stats from Colorado does nothing to solve the problems faced in the urban communities and the minorities that reside in these areas.

Instead, by passing a bill legalizing marijuana use and position within a reasonable amount, it would blaze a path to addressing the unfair treatment and arrest of minorities which their white counterparts seem to escape but that needs further study to understand why, given that whites smoke as much weed as minorities but if we move to legalize it, it does solve some of the issues that are prevalent to minority communities, which is being arrested for marijuana possession which does create an unfair advantage when they attempt to attend further schooling or employment.

So utilizing stats to make your point, instead to aid you in crafting legislation, just demonstrates, how you sir, want to continue, with seeing minorities continually being on the short end of the stick and continue to be arrested for what still is a crime in our great state of NJ.

So I really have to question your motives, how much money, if any has alcohol tobacco and the pharmaceutical industry forwarded to your campaign by the way?

Also this position is baffeling to me considering the amount of public support behind legalization. Juel I think this is absolutely absurd! Rice does not obviously realize that Cannabis is not a harmful chemical. It has resulted in zero fatalities. I seriously doubt children in mass are being born with Cannabis in their system, as he reports.

Oh wait perhaps they are, since every human is born with Cannabinoids in their system. Your frame of reference is dated and based false propaganda.

They should be fined. An entirely different issue. Children drink windex, is it banned, of course not. So, what we tuck tail and go home. No sir, we stake out a territory of market share and we compete in a market that we are a considerable percentage of consumers.

We participate and apply ourselves in a manner to protect our interests, our morality, and our culturally unique view. Rice, with all due respect, you should increase your level of education on this issue and take an attitude of being victorious rather than being victims.

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You say crime will rise. You say more minority people will be arrested. Id ask for what, if marijuana is legalized? Seriously, take two seconds and think critically before you start writing.March is a big month for marijuana in Illinois.

Aside from choosing between candidates vying for gubernatorial and attorney general nominations — all of whom have weighed in on the legalization debate — millions of voters in the state’s most populous county will be asked to decide for themselves whether Illinois should end cannabis prohibition.

For more information, read my blog post My Drug Period: lessons learnt from researching War on Drugs & Rat Park. To learn about my personal experiences with drugs, read my short essay Breaking the Silence on Responsible Drug Use.

As we have seen in the United States in vibrant real time over the last several years, the media have become a battleground for the powerful to fight it out with the goal of altering public. Get the latest health news, diet & fitness information, medical research, health care trends and health issues that affect you and your family on The Commission states that, “The global war on drugs has failed, with devastating consequences for individuals and societies around the world”.

(1) A Failed War. Even after the U.S. issued the war on drugs decades ago and other countries have dedicated years to criminalizing drug possession, the rates of drug abuse have continued to climb. There is no doubt that a solution to America’s War on Drugs would not be simple.

However, there are a number of ideas being thrown around by top specialists around the country. When critics challenge the fact that legalization of drugs will lead to more drug use, we need not look any further than the Netherlands.

There would have to.

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