Scm course outline

No overlapping of windows or something like that anymore!

Scm course outline

Checkin button in the Pending changes view. You have to select those items in the Pending changes view which are going to be part of the new shelve and write a comment optional for the new shelve. This takes you through a series of dialog boxes to create your shelve.

Scm course outline

Once the shelve is created the changes in the workspace can be undone only if this option is checked. Once in the Shelve view you can do the following operations: Apply shelve in my workspace: The development that has taken place on branches, as recorded in the individual changesets created by checkin commands.

The labels that are applied on changesets. The Branch Explorer makes it easy to "drill down" from the highest level the repository and its branches to the lowest level changes to individual code statements in revisions. In addition to viewing past activity, you can use the Branch Explorer to perform new development operations: The Branch Explorer lets you perform a multi-selection action for changesets and branches.

Scm course outline

It is very useful to diff distant changesets. The hierarchical connections among the branches are indicated by branch base links: The horizontal dimension is temporary - whenever a Checkin creates a new changeset on a branch, it is represented in the diagram as a new rounded-corners rectangle almost a circle, actually within the branch.

Thus, a branch grows rightward over time as development takes place on it. To help you map development changes to the calendar, shading bands divide the horizontal dimension into separate days. By default, the Branch Explorer displays development activity for the previous three months only.

See the Display options Tab section. Figure at the beginning of this chapter shows these elements in the diagram. Here are the details: Branch - A branch is represented as a rounded rectangle that grows rightward as changesets are checked-in into it.

Changeset - Each changeset is created on a particular branch. It records the creation of new revisions in the repository Add to source control or Checkin. Changesets are joined together with a link arrow that always goes from a changeset to its parent.

Supply Chain Management: Course Overview

This is true even for changesets in different branches: Pending changes changeset - Plastic SCM draws a changeset in the Branch Explorer that represents pending changes in the workspace.

It shows up as a "fake" changeset when there are checkouts in the workspace. When you right-click this changeset, you are allowed to execute workspace actions show Pending changes view, check pending changes, undo pending changes.

Label - The Branch Explorer indicates that a label has been applied to a changeset with a green circle around it. If more than one label has been applied to a given changeset, the circle is split in up to four sectors to give a visual clue of how many labels are applied.

Commands for all the labels are available with right clicking on the green circle.Course Outline - Supply Chain Management PGDM Batch 17/EXPGDM Batch 4 Year - Module I: Introduction Introduction to Supply Chain – understanding the Fundamentals, Evolution, Objectives of a supply Chain, Process View of a Supply Chain, Value Chain.

Module 2: Supply Chain Performance Supply Chain Performance – Achieving Strategic.

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Contribution Points - This document covers the various Visual Studio Code contribution points that are defined in the extension manifest..

configuration. SCM Business Processes in Planning (SCM).. COURSE OUTLINE. Course Version: 15 Course Duration: 2 Day(s) Outline master data objects in the SAP SCM application Lesson 2: Outlining Master Data Mapping Lesson Objectives After completing this lesson, you will be able to.

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1. A new optional “Single Window Mode” offers awesome new usability features! Single Window Mode is an OPTIONAL feature that can be turned on in the “Windows” menu all the time (while working).. Floating windows like the toolbox and the dialogues will appear inside a single “main” window now.

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