Mckeown thesis summary

Abstract The historical analyses of Thomas McKeown attributed the modern rise in the world population from the s to the present to broad economic and social changes rather than to targeted public health or medical interventions. The ongoing resonance of his work is due primarily to the importance of the question that underlay it:

Mckeown thesis summary

Mckeown thesis summary

This review explores the evidence both domestically and internationally as to whether access to high quality primary health care is essential to enhancing Indigenous health status. June To the common sense view, the proposition that better health is the result of better health care — more spending on health systems, more health care workers, more advanced drugs and treatments — is unarguable.

It is simply assumed to be true, and a considerable amount of public and political discourse in Australia is based on the more-or-less uncritical adoption of this view.

However, there have been serious challenges to this apparently obvious assumption. McKeown argued that these advances were actually the result of better nutrition associated with rising living standards. He even rejected any significant role for public health measures such as improved hygiene and sanitation, again because they only became effective after the decline in mortality was well underway.

His controversial hypothesis helped revolutionise how the health of populations was viewed. While explanations of illness cast in terms of exposure to certain individual risk-factors for example viruses, bacteria, smoking, alcohol misuse, or being overweight are a powerful way of understanding disease and illness, considerable evidence has now emerged that in addition to these individual causes lie other deeper causative factors.

These are, of course, the social determinants of health. Simply put, if poor health is largely driven by the issues of poverty, nutrition, education, life control, racism, housing, transport, addiction, employment and all the other social determinants, what role does the health system have in creating better health?

Health service providers and policy makers have had to deal with two common reactions to this challenge. Fortunately there is a substantial international literature that deals with this point, and it is to this literature that we turn now.

Nevertheless, his theory has been refined and updated, and most theories advanced in recent years see the provision of health care as at least a part of the explanation for better health.

Mckeown thesis summary

For example, in his highly influential book, Development as Freedom, Amartya Sen suggests that increases in life expectancy in 20th century Britain were particularly strong in those periods marked by a strong emphasis on social sharing, and the public provision of health care and nutritional support.

This was felt through the actions of doctors and others trained in or influenced by medicine, advocating successfully for the development of public health measures and the adoption of healthier behaviours. His analysis was based on a particular social, epidmiological and historical context, and the time since then has been marked by significant advances in health care treatments, technology and organisation.

This has included, in particular, the development of safe and effective treatments for chronic disease, changes in the organisation of health care in developed countries including, for example, the adoption of evidence-based medicinethe development of organised approaches to public health and the development of comprehensive primary health care.

The role of medicine - dream, mirage or nemesis? Does healthcare save lives? London, The Nuffield Trust. Social Determinants of Health: Social determinants of Health: Federalism, Financing and Public Health.

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Department of Health | Does better health care lead to better health?

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