Marble racing to find a liqids

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Marble racing to find a liqids

Here are my Guard objectives. Turret, stash and comms array. Ooo well nice jealous of your turret,always wanted to make a set of 3 as alien style sentry guns to use in citys of death,but could never obtain the bits needed,cool comms array,again you have something i would like to make,likely make myself in the future but would scratch build a dish and use a bigger base when i eventually make my one,lacking aerials atm but they could be improvised.

Objective markers can make all the difference imaginatively to a game. I really should be all over the 40k objective market scene but for some reason all my objective marker love has gone to Battletech single-hex micro scale objectives. Bunkers, comms tower, fuel yard, that sort of thing.

Not sure if that's really what you want to see. Just looked though some of your battletech stuff damn they some good objective markers! Well thanks, I really appreciate that. I'll post this one just by way of example. This little fuel yard is made up of lots of bits of junk.

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The big tanks are some upturned Marble racing to find a liqids candle holders with the spikes cut off. The fence is a stack of regular paper staples.

Marble racing to find a liqids

The gate is some plastic net from supermarket garlic. The trees are bits of tree roots they make the best miniature trees the little guy is a z-scale figure. Most all of my objectives are made of junk, some have bits of recycled 40k bits which you might recognise.

Glad you enjoyed the gallery.

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I've been working on some hex-map airfields, bridge, factory and radar station too recently. I'll post pics when they're painted up. Still no 40k objectives in my collection. I should get to work. An awesome Tyranid objective would be a guy in a blood stained lab-coat carrying a large formaldehyde jar with some kind of Nid-foetus in it.

Damn thats some good recycling yeah seen a door off an old imperial tank on the drinkcaps bunker as doors,look perfect in scale for the little bunker,garlic net - i have some of that in my bits box also its going to turn into 40k style fences in the future,when i get back to terrain that is,several small 40k armys to paint before that.

As for the tyranid idea sounds awesome as it would likely look,but bit much conversion for me to do at the moment,but has given me a brainwave of small tyranid bits floating in funky colored goo in lab jars as objectives,will use clear pen tube sliced up with some tiny control panel and some reinforcement on both ends of the tube,have to wait on that one though,after a few more squads are painted will likely generate another 10,or more unusual and or different looking themed objective markers to add to my growing collection.

These are all really cool I've been meaning to make some objective markers for my exodites actually. Got some trees on the way for a cool idea I had Basically, the native Indians used to probably still do hang up animal skulls they'd hunted on specific trees in each territory.

This acted as both a warning to invaders, and a method for letting others know which animals were available to hunt and how many had been hunted recently, preventing over-hunting.

As my exodites hunt humans, I thought I'd do a similar grimdark thing for them Non related to the above replys,voted on a few pictures of anyone that posted there markers on here,since i have not seen a bad one yet.Then I will drop the marble at the same height every time and I will time this and record the time to see how fast it takes for the marble to reach the bottom.

Then I will repeat this two more times and do it for every liquid. After I will take the times and find the average time for all of the liquids. Nov 21,  · An interactive track on which children can explore the effect of friction with different track surfaces. Which liquid do you think has a higher viscosity?

Can you tell when you pour them into the glasses? Do you think the marble will fall faster through one of the liquids? Hold one marble in each hand, just above the surface of the liquid in each glass.

Watch the glasses closely.

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Be prepared to watch the bottom to see which marble hits first. Marble Racing to Find a Liqid's Viscosity; Marble Racing to Find a Liqid's Viscosity.

vegetable oil, milk, and water.

Marble racing to find a liqids

We will find their viscosities by dropping a marble into each of these liquids and measuring the time it takes for it to reach the bottom. Formula racing is a term that refers to various forms of open wheeled single.

Apr 14,  · Enables underwater function and normal movement to a single unit while submerged,toxic liqids are still navigatable but at great risk rolling a d6 each turn on a 5+ if a 5or6 is rolled the suit,tank,mask disolves and the unit along with it,while in lake,sea,river,swamp normal movement applies.

In this week's chemistry-themed family science activity, families explore viscosity, a property of liquids that is a measure of the friction inside the liquid. When honey is cold, it may be very slow to flow because its viscosity is high—there is more friction within the liquid that is slowing it down.

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