Cosmetics business plan in nigeria

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Cosmetics business plan in nigeria

Share 70 Shares You can make over 1 million naira this season storing and reselling red palm oil and I am going to show you exactly how to do it.

cosmetics business plan in nigeria

I happen to know places in Nigeria where you can get this product at cheap prices and place where you can sell it at good price, I am going to make everything clear to you on this post… What is Red Palm Oil?

Red palm oil is natural oil extract from palm three fruit. You and I knows the importance of red palm oil in Nigeria. It is generally accepted and widely used, not only in Nigeria but around the world.

Using palm oil for cooking has greater health benefits over the vegetable oil as it is said to have high concentration of vitamin E in the finest proportion. Your body tends to get better health benefits as a result of the vitamin E present in the red palm oil rather than taking a commercial vitamin E capsule.

It is also rich in carotene and possess strong healing power. Palm oil is currently sold in Lagos and other major cities across the country at N6, for 25liters but if you go to the farm areas where it is produced in quantity, you can get the same 25liters at N4, It is usually surplus around December to April and sells at the highest around July to September.

If you invest N, and wait for 4 months, you will be making profit of another N, without any substantial effort. That is a good deal by all standard and the more money you invest, the more profit you make.

If you decides to trade all season, that will even be better. Secure a Shop — You will need a shop or any safe place for storage. If you have your own house, that will be nice, just dedicate one room for the storage.

Why Trade On Red Palm Oil

However, it will be better if you can rent a shop specifically for it preferably near the market. Look for Places to Buy — There are many places you can get palm oil very cheap and in great quantity in Nigeria.

It is available in bulk in various parts of Ondo State.

cosmetics business plan in nigeria

It is also available in Edo State but the king of original, high quality palm oil is Ebonyi State. Travel round the states and source from the various local markets and local palm oil processors.

How To Trade On Palm Oil Commodity

Buy everything you want to buy, get a truck to transport it to your base and store it in your shop. It is a perfect way to invest money instead of keeping it to the bank with peanut paid as interest on fix deposit.

It is like buying property and reselling at higher prices later. If you need additional information on this, drop me a comment below and I will attend to it promptly.Nigeria's ruling party, All Progressives Congress, Tuesday clarified allegations that its #Nextlevel campaign logo was a plagiarized version o.

Cosmetics Business Plan In Nigeria this Feasibility study on Cosmetics Business Plan In Nigeria is essential when setting up a cosmetic/ beauty shop and can be used for Grant Applications, Bank Loans, Proposal writing, Business Concept Note, Competitions etc.

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Potatoes, the world’s 4th most popular food crop, after maize, wheat, and rice, is a widely consumed meal in every country.

In Nigeria, it is consumed in over , households weekly, while in Ireland, it is considered as their staple food.

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