An analysis and evaluation of different methodical approaches their application and advantages

Analyse and describe jobs, bringing out those aspects which are to be used for purpose of job comparison. Identify bench-mark jobs 10 to 20 jobs, which include all major departments and functions. The jobs may be the most and least important jobs, a job midway between the two extremes, and others at the higher or lower intermediate points. Rank all jobs in the organisation around the bench-mark jobs until all jobs are placed in their rank order of importance.

An analysis and evaluation of different methodical approaches their application and advantages

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Several types of performance evaluations exist, including degree feedback, management by objectives and ratings scale evaluations. Regardless of the type of performance evaluation system used, managers perform evaluations to benefit employees and the employer.

However, implementing performance evaluations offer advantages and disadvantages. Companies who recognize the disadvantages can make the necessary adjustments to receive the full benefits of implementing performance evaluations.

Common Types of Formative Evaluation

Career Development Performance evaluations allow managers to help employees with career development. Performing an unbiased evaluation can point out where employees are excelling and the areas needing improvement.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of the NPV and IRR Methods Institute of Management, Business and Law Publishing, First is quantitative research, which employs numerical indicators to ascertain the relative size of a particular communication phenomenon.
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After the evaluation is completed, managers can develop plans with specific tasks to help employees develop in their career and meet goals that benefit the company. Evaluations can help employees increase their commitment to the firm and productivity.

An analysis and evaluation of different methodical approaches their application and advantages

Employees that add value to the firm are considered first when better positions open up and employers decide to promote from within. Work Achievement Recognition Performance evaluations give managers a chance to recognize employees who performed well during the evaluated year.

Recognizing employees for their achievements builds their morale, and employees with high morale are more productive.

Different Research Methods - How to Choose an Appropriate Design?

If monetary bonuses and raises are given based on performance evaluations, employees possess tangible evidence that shows the company values their hard work. Employees can list achievements received by an employer as awards on their resume if ever looking for another job.

Evaluator Bias A disadvantage of performance evaluations is that the managers evaluating employees may show bias to certain employees, which may happen intentionally or unintentionally.

According to Jonathan A. Segal of Businessweek, one risk of using performance evaluations is that some managers unconsciously favor employees that possess similar characteristics as the manager.

Observational research is a group of different research methods where researchers try to observe a phenomenon without interfering too much. Observational research methods, such as the case study, are probably the furthest removed from the established scientific method. some of the advantages and disadvantages of different types of instruments. In such a debate, two types of issues are considered: biases by selecting the least biased and most appropriate method for each evaluation subtask (Shadish, ). Others have stressed the advantages improved instrumentation for all data collection approaches. 36 Chapter 3 Software Implementation Methods In this section of the book, we discuss techniques for implementing the Oracle Applications. This chapter discusses general strategies and differences of various implementation methods.

Bias causes managers to focus more on the personality and style of the employee instead of the actual achievements. This can result in good employees feeling slighted, which may cause tension in the workplace.

Bias also affects the favorable employee because he may miss much-needed guidance to improve his performance. One-Sided Feedback Another disadvantage of performance evaluations is that the meeting can result in a one-sided conversation. Although a manager may give an employee a chance to offer feedback, some managers already make up their mind about an employee and are not opened to two-sided dialogue.

An analysis and evaluation of different methodical approaches their application and advantages

If the performance review is one-sided, employees may feel as if their opinions do no matter. This may cause an employee to shut down and refuse to communicate with management in the future.

Managers should listen to feedback presented by employees, and correct evaluations if employees make valid points.Questionnaire Method: Another commonly used job analysis method is getting the questionnaires filled from employees, their superiors and managers. However, this method . different sources of uncertainty and methods to quantify their importance in model predictions.

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Therefore, evaluation is seen to be the part . Such problems will normally require him to use his thinking, memory, understanding, application, analysis and evaluation system faculties (MINEDUC; NAP, , p cited in Fonkeng, nd).

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